Words inspired by the backroads of America


Passages…We all have times in our lives that stand out as a passage from one set of life circumstances to another.  Sometimes they are planned and sometimes they take us by surprise.  I have just gone through a passage in my life that I had planned for many years.  On New Years Day I made the transition from my thirty-five year profession as a Landscape Architect to the full-time status of Printmaker, Travel Writer and Backroads Traveler.  This “retirement” has been a long time coming, but well worth the wait! 

I have many plans for the near future, including monthly updates to the web site, an initial traveling print show of words and etchings that speak to the subtle beauty of our Kansas Flint Hills and an expansion of the coverage of the articles on the web site.  As our travels progress, so will the variety of the images on the etchings.  We also plan to publish some quality gift books and other products.  
Our backroad travels in the past year have taken us back to Door County Wisconsin and the rugged Lake Michigan shoreline, Parke County Indiana and the 31 historic covered bridges and, of course, our local favorite, the Kansas Flint Hills.  We will take you along as we remember the joy of exploring new and familiar landscapes.  On the calendar for this year is a driving tour of a portion of the California Wine Country and random thoughts on driving through Utah and Nevada in the late summer.  For our annual homage to the Flint Hills, we plan a two day drive, north-south, through the heart of the hills to provide image material for an art showing we plan to produce for the initial show of the Backroads Press.  The showing will feature landscape etchings and writings about the scenic backroads in the Flint Hills.  We will also be taking some spur-of-the-moment backroads drives on our periodic Grandparenting visits.  We have found that some of our best backroad experiences are the ones that are not planned but happen as we detour off the planned route to investigate an interesting looking bridge or winding road.  All of the sudden you come around a bend and a fantastic vista opens up in front of you or you come upon a tumble-down native stone relic of days past.  Those are the moments that keep us driving the backroads.
So, welcome to 2008!  Come and follow along with us or find your own path.  There are wonderful vistas and rich experiences out there for you to find.  Drive the backroads and see the country.