Words inspired by the backroads of America

Welcome to Backroads Press

          Since 1996, I have been developing the concept of a venture that is part promotion of the natural scenic landscapes found in many varied forms across the country, part art studio and part travel writing for a publication of my own design. 

     My background as a professional Landscape Architect and illustrator has taught me to pay attention to visual details and express those elements both visually and verbally. That concept has been formulated in the entity of the Backroads Press, an on-line travel narrative and gallery with a narrow focus of the experiences and scenes to be found on the backroads of America. On my web site you will find a source for entertainment, inspiration and direction to those unique and wonderful scenic vistas to be found off the beaten path and a gallery of original artwork inspired by those same backroads. 

     Part of my mission is to encourage the resurgence of the lost past-time of pleasure driving and family road trips. The favorite memories of my youth center on those special times with the family driving down the two-lane roads, stopping at each and every historical marker, learning about Civil War battlefields, wildflowers that grow along the road and how different Kansas is from North Carolina. Take a little time to really see the land. Create some family memories of your own. Slow down the pace of life, turn off the Ipods and the electronic games, stop at the scenic overlooks, have a picnic at a roadside park and pay attention to the changes in the land as you travel. You may not get there as quickly, but you will more certainly enjoy the trip.

     Stephen M. Perry

There were some past articles which appeared on my previous web site that are not being carried over to this current site. I apologize to those who may have read those articles and are not able to find them on this site. I will make every effort to keep you entertained with new content.