Backroads Journal

Denali Dreaming

The Alaska Dream

This year of 2020 has brought about many changes to our lives and plans! We have been challenged in many ways by the global pandemic, financially, socially and mentally and we have been home-bound, leery of physical contact and glued to the depressing news. Many of us have had to curtail travel plans.

Just Hanging Out at Home!

Our year was to be centered around a 60-day road trip with Wallie, our little Airstream, through the Canadian Rockies and up the Alaska Highway to Denali National Park with a loop around Alaska. I had spent most of last year planning daily mileages, stops along the way, possible excursions, researching campgrounds, inns and hotels. I had every day of our trip planned out and booked with reservations.

Wallie, Ready for Adventures!

Through February and March there was hope of things getting back to normal by Easter. But, late in April, as I was seeing events being cancelled and more and more international borders being closed, I gave in and with a heavy heart began cancelling reservations up through Canada and into Alaska. When I finally cancelled the bus trip into Denali National Park, I realized that the trip was not going to happen this year and, in all reality, probably not even next year! As a reminder of what was not to be, I created this print as a tribute to the pandemic and cancelled dreams! The title is appropriately, “Denali Dreaming”, and is a statement of uncompleted and unfulfilled plans! Alaska and Denali National Park is still at the top of my bucket list and will remain there until fulfilled.

When we will all get back to the free and relaxed road trips that we need for our mental health is yet to be determined. We have spent our summer close to home but are in hopes of hitting the road in October for a jaunt up to our familiar destination of Door County, Wisconsin. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the numbers keep coming down and the country will open back up a little for all our sakes! Wear your masks!

Stay safe! Wear your masks!