Backroads Press is owned solely by Stephen M. Perry, Wichita, Kansas. Backroads Press was formed in January, 2005 with its concept dating back to 1996. All work, written and graphic, unless noted otherwise, is the property of Backroads Press and Stephen M. Perry. No portion of this web site, its articles, art work, photographs, illustrations or concept may be used without the written consent of Stephen M. Perry.

The goal of Backroads Press is to create quality writing, products and original fine art pieces that speak to the emotions of finding that beautiful, winding road that takes you past an old stone farmstead or weathered barn. The Backroads Press web site is our creative writing showcase, gallery of prints, on-line store and our connection with other backroads travelers out there. Produced individually by hand on our Takach etching press, the original, limited edition landscape etchings are done in the manner of the old masters, with warm, black line work and tones, yet with sensitivity toward the environment by utilizing new, non-toxic etching processes. The black and white etchings and block prints skip straight to the point of the subject without distraction of color interpretation, and as such, become a stronger statement of place. True, limited edition, fine art etchings and block prints are prized by collectors and will increase in value over the years.

The image of the company is based on the aesthetic of the scenic landscape and the lure of driving the backroads. Four primary areas of focus are emphasized. They are as follow:

  • Production and marketing of original fine art etchings, block prints, illustrations and products featuring the scenic rural countryside.
  • Promoting interest in traditional, original prints and printmaking.
  • Travel writing that promotes driving the backroads and experiencing the natural scenic landscape.
  • Publishing and marketing of materials that relate to traveling the backroads.

Stephen M. Perry
Owner, artist, Illustrator, travel writer